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The Dream

About a month ago my husband had a dream that he described in this way.  We were separated …. but not.  I had my own apartment, with 3 bedrooms, and he lived aparently somewhere else.

Well, last night, he arrived home from a sales meeting at which he broke his right ankle and injured his left knee…..so NO good legs : )  I set up a bed in our family room so that he will be able to stay on one level in our 5 level house.  As I climbed the stairs to go to sleep last night I thought…..There are 3 bedrooms on this level.  He can’t climb the stairs so , I pretty much have my own space on the top level….. we are separated….but not…..Hmmmmmmm

Even more curious….my right ankle ached all day Monday….the day he broke his.  I wonder if this is what happens when you have been married for 41 years???

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