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I have been playing around with the Tree Goddess concept changing proportions and trying to add detail.  The reality is….they will all be different, with their own personalities and little quirks : ) but I think I finally am able to turn out a consistantly good looking one.  Thanks for looking….I hope you like her too.

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Having worked only with Sterling wire I found copper to be a challenge to work with in the beginning.  Now that I have completed a few projects though, I find myself really enjoying it.  It is so much more freeing and relaxing, knowing that if my design does not work out, I will not be putting silver in the trash.  These are a couple of tree designs I have been working on lately.(One tree, One Goddess Tree)   Maybe once I am happy with the finished product I will re-do it in silver but I’m kinda liking the look of the antiqued copper.

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