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So I have finally finished with my new workroom and I thought I’d let you take a look around before I got it all messed up : )  Here goes.  First I organized all my beads into these neat little screw together containers.  I must have cleaned out 3 Dollarama stores! but they came in 3 different sizes and are perfect for the job (I think)  So now I can see all my beads.

Then came the trip to Ikea.  I bought 2 CD cases and 2 bookcases and, being Ikea, I was also able to get doors to fit on the bookcases to neaten things up a bit.  At the lumber yard I was able to get a shelf that fit the length of all 4 pieces and it will serve as a countertop.   It is a handy space to spread things out on.


My stones are organized into these tool cases that I have gotten over the years at the local Home Depot.  The little compartments are removeable and interchangeable.


The closet has been outfitted with shelves and houses the cases with the stones, a photography setup, the tumbler, more storage, etc.

There are two desks in the room, one on wheels that I can pull up to any chair.  There is a spot for my computer and I am saving for a new wiresless printer.  I installed a bulletin board and last but not least, hung my autographed picture of Pierce Brosnan : ) (A gift from my daughter).



So, no excuses now!! : )  There is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Time to get to work.  I’ve got fall classes to organize!!  I doubt this room will ever be this neat again. LOL  Thanks for looking.


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Since my children have left home (long ago) and are not likely to be returning its time to turn one of the extra bedrooms into a workroom for myself. Don’t know what took me so long to get to it, but it sure will be good to have everything in one place for a change.  So closets have been emptied and painted, trips have been made to Ikea, the lumber yard, and Staples Business Depot and Costco.  Now I am in the middle of sorting things and putting everything in its place.  More pictures will follow. : ) as I get things organized.  I also found some great bead organizing containers at Dollarama.  I swear I cleaned out every Dollarama within 10 miles.

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Having worked only with Sterling wire I found copper to be a challenge to work with in the beginning.  Now that I have completed a few projects though, I find myself really enjoying it.  It is so much more freeing and relaxing, knowing that if my design does not work out, I will not be putting silver in the trash.  These are a couple of tree designs I have been working on lately.(One tree, One Goddess Tree)   Maybe once I am happy with the finished product I will re-do it in silver but I’m kinda liking the look of the antiqued copper.

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Just thought I would post a picture of our booth at the Ancaster Gem Show.  This was the first time that we set it up and I have to say …. I was quite pleased with the result.

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Not only will I be teaching classes at the Ancaster Gem Show but will be a participant in the show.  The new venture I am involved with …Soul Gems….will have a spot as one of the vendors.  I am anxious to see how everything looks in our new display ….got the banner and business cards…..printed the stone story cards.  Everything is ready to go….just have to wait till Thursday.  If you are in the area come out , it promises to be a good show.

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I will be teaching 4 classes at the Ancaster Gem, Mineral, Bead and Jewellery show this coming weekend.  Check them out at http://www.ancastergemshow.com/classes.htm  This is only the second year for this show but if it is anything like last year it promises to be great.  There is a good variety of product so ….lots to see and do.  There are a lot of free seminars and demonstrations  offered also.  Come by and say Hi 🙂

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Summer is over so…… time to get back to work.  Classes have begun at Robert Hall Originals on Saturdays and this Saturday, the 18th,  I will be teaching at the Canadian Bead Oasis Show.  I’m looking forward to seeing some repeat students and meeting some new ones.  Happy to be back !!!!!

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