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sodalite-bangle-upload.jpg   This is another piece that I had no clear plan for when I started – just a great Sodalite bead.   I’m teaching this one in the next few weeks. When I was on vacation last year I visited the Princess Mines in Bancroft Ontario.  It looked like someone took a can of blue paint and painted all the rocks.  Sodalite always looks great with jeans – so it is a favourite of mine.


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rose-quartz-1-upload.jpg  I once sold a piece similar to this right off my neck at the grocery store !!!  Rose Quartz is said to be the stone of unconditional love.  I sell a lot of it around Mothers Day.

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crazy-lace-moonscape-upload.jpg   Agate is also listed as an alternative birthstone for May so I am electing this one.

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